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LaliBlue ‘The Witches of Oz’ Collection

Teardrop Eye Necklace. ‘The Witches of Oz’ Collection  LaliBlue, the brand that highlights fantasy jewellery, presents us with the new collection: ‘The Witches of OZ’, Lyman Frank Baum, author of the popular book ‘The Wizard of Oz’, wrote another 13 books about the Oz’s world. The new collection of LaliBlue is inspired by several witches

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Yasmin Everley x Alyson Mowat ‘Jewelled Garden’ Collection

The Jewelled Garden Collection showcases the raw talents of jewellery designer Yasmin Everley and botanical artist Alyson Mowat of Botanique Boutique in a designer silver jewellery collection inspired by the terrarium – and the magic it holds. The world of the terrarium, an entire plant ecosystem encased within glass, is both verdant and contained. It

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Dower and Hall ‘Cherish The Moment’ Collection

There’s something extremely special about wearing a piece of jewellery that has a unique meaning behind it, especially if it is a gift from someone close to you. Recently, online jewellery label Dower and Hall released their latest collection, entitled ‘Cherish The Moment’. The desirable collection consists of minimalistic bracelets, where you are able to

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