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For decades, Hong Kong has been known the world over as a shopper’s paradise — the undisputed capital of Asian fashion, the retail capital of the world. No matter what you are looking for, you’ll find it in Asia’s World City, because if you can’t find it in Hong Kong — so the saying goes — it doesn’t exist.

From prestigious malls and flagship stores to street market stalls and independent boutiques, Hong Kong is packed full not just with fashion outlets but also jewellery, home ware, trinkets and unique souvenirs. Check out our top five shopping spots in Hong Kong to help you on your way:

1. In Causeway Bay, you truly feel the pulse of the city like nowhere else. In fact, it’s said that if shopping were a sport, Causeway Bay would be the home of the Olympic Games. With endless shopping malls, department stores and boutiques, shoppers should dedicate a whole day to really explore what it has to offer.

2. More than a district, Tsim Sha Tsui is a giant world bazaar, where Hong Kong’s glittering harbour is met by an alternate sea of stalls, shops, markets and malls.

3. For bargains in jade, silk products, embroideries and wooden handcrafted items, head to Cat Street. Amongst antique dealers and art galleries, you can pick up treasures like rare Ming Dynasty furniture, retro posters and vintage glass wear. 

4. Hong Kong’s glamorous fashion designers come to the wholesale markets of Cheung Sha Wan Road to sift through fabrics and other raw materials for their creations. In the midst of the chaos, a bazaar of casual street fashions is laid out providing adventurous and determined shoppers the chance to find some hidden gems.

5. Sneakers Street is where Hong Kong’s image-conscious youth have come to get their statement-making footwear since the 1980s. They come for the latest designs and limited-edition releases from all over the world. The range is so impressive that basketball legend, Lebron James has even been spotted about the place.

Porcia Aue