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the moon cult - the clothes maiden

For all you avid fashion lovers out there, we’ve just discovered the next best fashion brand — in the form of The Moon Cult. If you’re already a fan of UNIF and all their stuff, and love all those 90s grunge inspired vibes, then you too will enjoy being part of The Moon Cult. Once you join The Moon Cult, your clothes will be the conversation-starter on every street you walk down. You will be constantly complimented and approached by fellow earthlings on a daily basis.

the moon cult - the clothes maiden

The Moon Cult clothing will only add to your out of this world attitude. The Moon Cult offend some people, but impress so many, and they want us to join their controversial cuteness through cyberspace. Their S/S’15 collection, entitled Sisters of The Black Sky, is everything we could imagine, and so much more. The new collection is aimed for the moon worshippers and risk takers, along with the dreamers, the lovers, believers and change makers.

Sisters of the Black Sky – MoonCult Lookbook 2015 (Fashion Film) from Jordan Ray Allen.

Behind the lookbook, lays a story. What started as a four hour road trip to the dark beaches of Fort Fisher, turned into an everlasting adventure of three sisters. When they arrived at the shore, the trees were swaying, and the tide was tumbling. The residents exited the beach at the site of this trio, and the clouds tossed and turned in wake of their presence. Candles were lit, spells were cast and the dark moon responded deep in the black sky.

the moon cult - the clothes maiden

The Moon Cult is a international online brand born in 2011, their online shop is open 24/7 and they are the ultimate style source for all alien babes out there. On The Moon Cult’s planet, you will find a variety of streetwear, fashion accessories, and specialty items. Their goal is to bring out your inner wild child and cater to those who are not afraid to be themselves. The Moon Cult supports many young entrepreneurs and local small businesses to ensure their inventory is handpicked, or handmade and sweat-shop free.

the moon cult - the clothes maidenClothing: The Moon Cult
Designer/Director/Photographer: Ana Dee

Stylist/Direction:Nicole Hernandez
Hair: Morgan Doody
Make-Up: Tara Sall
Nails: Alecia Mounixay
Models: Jenna Lynns, Mackenzie Kay, and Sydney Miller
BTS: Chase Harrison & Paige McCaleb
Fashion Film Credits: Shot/Directed by Babette Siobhan
Assistant: Ben Schmidt
Editor: Jordan Ray Allen

Ever since The Moon Cult opened, the vision has seen tremendous growth fuelled entirely by the cult’s loyal followers. The brand continues to restock the most unique pieces based on what their customers want through this fast-paced electronic world. They are different than other brands because their customers are different. The Moon Cult’s motto is: “Never censor yourself to comfort the ignorant.”

Evie Switzer

Click here to visit The Moon Cult website.