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Syrra have just released their debut track ‘I Can Be Mean’ this December – along with a wonderfully mesmeric video directed by Laura Brown – and you might not hear a better track all year. The duo’s signature brand of dark pop was conceived in London, where Swedish singer Aneta and Berlin-born producer Ea Akilat first came together to write. As long time friends, the pair discovered the best way to be there for each other was to create a musical world of their own, where they can let go of their day-to-day struggles. Due to unforeseen circumstances, the duo later moved their production to a shed in the shadows of the Portuguese mountains, creating a truly inimitable atmosphere.  


The name Syrra – a Swedish term for ‘sister’ – came to Aneta in her dream, and perfectly encapsulates the essence of the project. The duo set out to create a place they can come with their flaws, insecurities and struggles and support each other like sisters, remembering nobody is perfect. Their songs strive to find beauty and strength in vulnerability, in a world bombarding us with expectations.  

Patrick Miller

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