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This week we’re introducing Joe Garth into our Musician Spotlight, who happens to be the creative brainchild behind Great Big Things, a musical project, that can only be described as an electronic adventure. His latest release, ‘Little Lights’, comes with a beautifully put-together music video, the song tells the story of a light in darkness. It’s a small window into a place, time and -most importantly- a feeling.

This solo project lulls you into its looping refrains and steady pace before the words of the first verse have even been sung. Little Lights builds through a gentle mix of piano riffs, climbing synths and coiled melodies, then into an implosive crescendo. Joe commented; ‘We are all lucky to be alive at a time where the technology exists to allow us a great freedom of expression.’ The video gets dreamier and magical the more you watch it. Joe Garth makes music that is textural and spacious. His words are suggestive snapshots of loosely knitted observations, depicting quiet moments that we all go through in life. Originally from Sheffield, UK, Joe Garth now works and lives in Frankfurt, Germany.

Tilly McCarthy

Find Great Big Things on; Facebook, Twitter and SoundCloud.