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Black Swan’ is the latest track from American born Swiss based singer-songwriter, Annie Goodchild. It is an unrestrained demonstration of the talents Goodchild has as an artist, and further proof of her ability to transcend genres. The song boasts ambitious arrangement, made up of Eastern influenced strings and percussion, as well as an impressive vocal performance from Goodchild. Annie rarely sounds out of her comfort zone despite working with unconventional instrumentation and a sensitive personal subject matter. ‘Black Swan’ oozes a strength throughout the composition and effortlessly includes a euphoric middle eight and atmospheric instrumental outro to an already sophisticated song.

Commenting on the inspiration for the single, Annie says: ‘for me this was about a non-romantic heartbreak, although I think the song is for anyone in anguish or suffering from any form of heartache. Writing this song was incredibly therapeutic for me. I was at a low point where I had to prove myself personally and as an artist’.Annie Goodchild previously fronted the band Melou, whose sound was influenced by music from across the globe. Boston’s WERS radio station described their sound as “truly their own”, and said “something this unique and this special is simply invaluable”. Goodchild’s solo work has achieved recognition through her last single, ‘Rooster’, also from ‘A Random Physical Sensation’. A video for the song was directed by, and the song earning a place on SRF radio’s best Swiss songs of 2016 playlist.

Every song Annie Goodchild releases has been a demonstration of her versatility, range and talent. ‘Black Swan’ is no different – it is impossible to pin down by genre and different from anything else she has made, making her one of the more exciting new female singer-songwriters to emerge.

Tilly McCarthy