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Ace Lover Drops New Single 'TV' - The Clothes Maiden

Ace Lover is not your average artist. His music blurs the lines between genre definitions, inspired by sounds as diverse as alternative rock, electronica and Hip-Hop just to mention a few. The artist’s latest release, “TV” comes in the form of a striking visual music art video, directed by George Ponzoni and Ace Lover himself as well. The song features a dark, thick and haunting sonic atmosphere, thanks to its beautiful melodies and ethereal sonic noises in the background. Ace’s vocals are dream-like and passionate, blurring the lines between singing and spoken poetry with his highly emotional lyricism.

Clocking in at 2 minutes and 23 seconds, the song is textural and utterly beautiful, perfectly complemented by the stunning visuals in the video. One of the most striking features of the entire song is how well Ace’s vocals blend in with all the instruments, creating a beautiful mood to the entire song, which the video matches very well. Dreamy, lush and slightly psychedelic, this song truly hits the spot with some amazing and unique ambience.

Tilly McCarthy

Ace Lover is a talent on the rise, and with such stunning results, it is not surprising that he is garnering consistent acclaim and thousand of views for his videos.