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Photography: Laura Cockburn x The Clothes Maiden

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Photography: Maddy Lucas x The Clothes Maiden

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Photography: Victoria Art x The Clothes Maiden

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Designer Spotlight: Ziemi Jewellery – The Stone Collection

Recently we discovered  the world of Ziemi – where they like to think of themselves as a ‘green’ company and we couldn’t agree more. This unique jewellery brand do their very best to reduce their carbon footprint, and lower the impact on the environment. Sometimes they even shut off all the lights in their studio and work

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Happy Socks X Billionaire Boys Club - the clothes maiden

Happy Socks X Billionaire Boys Club

In 2003, Pharrell Williams partnered with Japanese fashion icon Nigo to launch two premium menswear collections: Billionaire Boys Club and ICECREAM. Employing the unique visual language of legendary Japanese graphic designer Sk8thing, the two lines have since exceeded the expectations of its founders to become globally recognised brands. Following the mantra “wealth is of the

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O.W.L Watches: The Hastings & Warwick Capsule Collection

Inspired by these famous Great British towns and their rich heritage, O.W.L Watches have taken its unique brand handwriting and developed their first men’s capsule collection, aimed at the modern British man. Characteristics of the 10 watches are formed by the use of beautiful leathers and engraved shoulder tabs, with polished steel and brushed cases

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