Stella & Alf S/S'14

Stella and Alf is a recently new clothing brand that offers classic wardrobe staples and collections that are luxurious yet simple. Their designs are timeless, meaning that it can be worn at any time of the month, any season of the year and bring fresh sensation and current trends.

Made in the heart of Lincolnshire, both clothing and fabrics are created in Britain and each design is pattern cut and handmade. From an idea written on paper or thought in mind, sketched out on paper and concept planned to a sewn toile, pieces of fabric are cut to create the garment that started out just as an idea.

After having had a good look through their S/S'14 collection, a personal thought came to mind: just how soft are the materials being used in these clothes? For the majority of the pieces in this collection, woven cotton is used in the sweatshirts and T-shirts that is 100% British. As for the rest, fabrics include 100% British cloth woven in Carlisle and 100% sand-washed silk, giving an aged look while still having a new and fresh feel.

This collection is something that you would wear for everyday occasion so the pieces are a must-have, especially when designs give you the illusion that they’re supposed to be worn during cold season and not warm. The colours being used are very classic colours; brown, cream, grey and red to name just a few so there is no excuse that any of these items wouldn’t suit you. When you wear a Stella & Alf piece there is the assurance that nothing could go wrong when you mix accessories and go about your own style.

Priscilla Aroean

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Box Upon a Time: Personal shopper for baby clothes

Box Upon a Time has recently announced the launch of its innovative baby clothes personal shopper service for busy parents. If you're a busy yummy mummy and only wish you had an extra pair of hands then let us introduce Box Upon A Time

You've probably seen some of these boxes surfing around the internet, from beauty boxes to craft packages - however, we bet you've never seen one for your precious little one. Created by Nicolas de Rosen, Guy-Louis de le Vingne and Caroline Kendal, the company delivers to parents doorstep's a monthly selection of branded quality baby clothes, handpicked by stylists, at discounted price of up to 60%.

As of today, Box Upon a Time has partnered with 25 brands, including very well-known brands (Tartine et Chocolat, Toby Tiger and Diesel) and others up and coming selected by Box Upon a Time for the quality of their products. To receive their taste-matching handpicked selection of clothes every month at their doorstep, parents first log into Box Upon a Time's website and complete a fashion questionnaire to determine their fashion profile. Based on the results, Box Upon a Time's stylists handpick matching clothes that parents will receive in a personalised and elegant box every month.

Each month, parents receive a Box worth between £80 and £120, for which they pay a monthly subscription fee of £49, offering therefore between 40% and 60% discounts.
If you're a parent, you are always looking for the best for your baby be it in education, nutrition or clothes. Their aim is to connect parents with these brands through a convenient and affordable service and to become a top player in childrenswear discovery commerce in Europe.

Avery Parker 

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Uncommon Nonsense: S/S’14

Step into the world of Uncommon Nonsense, where the enchanting adventures of Alice in Wonderland are packaged into majestic handmade dresses with a dose of style to match; where clothes can be altered in size as easily as Alice with her size-changing potion, and where your wardrobe can be transformed into a beauty only usually reserved for dreams.

Designed and stitched by Gemma McKeating Harris, each dress is lovingly handmade from scratch. The materials are locally sourced and adorned with a vintage lace, adding further luxury to the elegantly whimsical designs. Beginning Uncommon Nonsense at the start of 2013, this is the fourth collection for the brand, this time focusing on tones and prints perfect for the spring/summer season. This season is inspired by the secret gardens of Alice in Wonderland, with The Painted Roses, Flamingo, Bunny Hop and 6 Impossible Things dresses all being inspired by the Queen of Hearts scenes in the infamous Lewis Carroll tale.

The black and white gingham dress – A Game of Chess – does not just take inspiration from the book, but from her childhood, too. “The gingham dress is primarily a reflection of the gingham summer dresses we would wear at school in the summer months, I absolutely loved these dresses and felt like a princess in them!”, she explains.

Uncommon Nonsense have also introduced their first fabric design – using a mixture of the designer’s visions and the talents of Uncommon Nonsenses’ in-house illustrator Kate Newman – to create the unicorn fabric for Ellie is a Unicorn.

Mini skirts in an array of prints with faux leather panels as the signature look have also been tempting us into updating our summery wardrobes. The Explain Yourself! mini skirt has a tribal look perfect for the seasonal trends, while many of the dresses – like the Painted Rose, White Rabbit and A Game Of Chess – can also be bought in skirt form.

As well as dresses and skirts, a series of T-shirts and and pyjamas have been added to the Uncommon Nonsense shop. Pyjamas in Bananas are quirky pyjama bottom shorts, while the tees feature Uncommon Nonsense’s signature lace collars. The tees include The Flamingo Tee, I’m Late I’m Late I’m Late, The Rabbit Tee, AHOY! Tee and the UNonsense UK tee by Kate Newman illustration.

With the dresses and skirts available in sizes 6-22, and a free bespoke service offered for those who require a specific fit, it’s hard not to fall in love with it all.

Isabella Stockwell

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Iris Van Herpen x United Nude: the Biopiracy collection

Iris Van Herpen is known for her bold statements and pushing the boundaries of couture within fashion. Coming together for their ninth consecutive season, Van Herpen has once again collaborated with United Nude to create a variety of show-stopping shoes for her Biopiracy collection which showcased at Paris Fashion Week.

Making an appearance in the form of the biopiracy boot and the Biopiracy peeoptoe ankle bootie,  these designs come on staggering 7 inch tall platform cantilevered heels. The futuristic boots curve up and around the leg, encompassing the lower leg on both sides and looping behind the knee.

The Iris Van Herpen x United Nude boot overrules the natural shape of the foot. The futuristic sculptured, graphically leather molded boots extend the legs with a new silhouette into motion. The most inspiring thing about this collaboration is that both designers are not afraid of breaking boundaries by experimentation with design and technology.

As part of the show, Lawrence Malstaf created art installations, which developed the impression of models being weightless and breathless. Iris Van Herpen and Lawrence Malstaf experiment with living objects, kinetic architecture and physically interaction through fashion in installation art.

Architect Rem D Koolhaas of United Nude, said; “Working with Iris Van Herpen is each time a big challenge for us as she pushes boundaries with ideas for things that have never been done before. Collaboration partners like Iris Van Herpen and Zaha Hadid give us way for our continuation in re-inventing shoes. United Nude was originally founded on this principle with our sculptural sandals just over ten years ago; breaking the rules of conventional ladies- shoe-making, not for the sake if breaking them, but simply by not knowing them.”

Marium Ul-Haq

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Happy Easter from The Clothes Maiden!

We're wishing all our readers and fans a joyous Easter with your friends and family. We also hope the Easter bunny surprises you with lots of yummy chocolate eggs! Don't forget you can Tweet us on Sunday morning with your chico delights! (@clothesmaiden). 

Garms-on-the-go: Pop-up charity shop for Addaction

Twenty three-year-old Londoner Lotti Blades-Barret is on a mission to raise money for the UK’s leading drug and alcohol treatment charity: Addaction. Having lost her father to an addiction-related illness six years ago, Lotti has decided to reach out and help others in need, whilst ensuring this important organisation gains the further recognition it deserves.

In November, Lotti will be travelling to Peru, where she intends to trek 100 miles in six days, across an extremely challenging, high-altitude terrain. In the meantime, she is compiling events to raise funds and collect donations for this great cause. The fundraising target is an impressive £4,000; with current donations totalling £1,000, she has made an encouraging start and continues to request the kind support of the public.

The upcoming event, Garms-on-the-go, is set to be a fantastic pop-up shop in Highgate, selling clothing donated from various individuals and companies. Specialising in vintage garments, the event will run for one day only (24 May) with the addition of live entertainment and delicious sweet treats! Lotti is hoping for as many contributions as possible, as well as an excellent turnout on the day.

Why not have an appropriate spring clean and discover some old hidden gems that could be donated to help raise money for Addaction, and in turn save people’s lives. For the shoppers out there, be sure to note this unmissable event in your diary and take the opportunity to purchase some lovely items.
Garms-on-the-go will take place on 24 May at The Boogaloo, Highgate, from 2:00pm-6:30pm.

Rebekah Absalom

For further information or to donate visit here.

2014 World Cup jersey collection: My Bro

In June, Brazil will play host to the 2014 FIFA World Cup, and My Bro have created a wonderful collection of athletic jerseys for dogs. There are 32 designs in total each representing the qualifying countries for this years World Cup.  Each item is created with the same quality and attention to detail as real jerseys. Using sublimation printed panels on active dry mesh, for lasting prints. Active, athletic polyester mesh, with breathable qualities for comfort and movement, all held together with a heavy duty construction - these jerseys are built to last!

All of My Bro jerseys are made in Brooklyn, New York by “Alexander Campaz, dog enthusiast, designer and maker of cool things”. Campaz began designs sports wear at just age 12 when he created the apparel for the football team he played for alongside his brother and father. He has many brands under his belt of design and is now attempting to launch My Bro as a new brand.

Campaz used the worlds largest fundraising platform for creative projects - Kickstarter - to try and raise $16,000 in order to cover the cost of printing, manufacturing and sewing these incredible garments. Unfortunately the campaign was unsuccessful, but never fear you can still keep up-to-date with the My Bro goings ons by checking out their facebook page.

What makes these jerseys amazing is their cute factor. As soon as you see the doggy photoshoot of sweeties Bacchi and Maya in these tops you can’t help but let out an “aw”! They’re super adorable and judging by the fabric used and the way they’re made, they’re going to be durable too. The jerseys come in a range of sizes meaning every single one of your little champs can be properly kitted out for the FIFA World Cup!

Katherine Bull

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