Designer Spotlight: Ennigald ‘The Mesopotamia’ Collection

The love of art is at the core of Ennigaldi and the first collection is inspired by Mesopotamian art, which shows a unique emphasis on texture, weight and strong definition. Drawing from a palette of majestic ultramarine and earthy tones of ochre and sand, the bags reflect the culture and aesthetics of Mesopotamia. Each handbag is

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LaliBlue ‘The Witches of Oz’ Collection

Teardrop Eye Necklace. ‘The Witches of Oz’ Collection  LaliBlue, the brand that highlights fantasy jewellery, presents us with the new collection: ‘The Witches of OZ’, Lyman Frank Baum, author of the popular book ‘The Wizard of Oz’, wrote another 13 books about the Oz’s world. The new collection of LaliBlue is inspired by several witches

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Astonishing, Disgusting & Extravagant Cocktails Around the World

From disgustingly foul sour-toes to dazzling diamonds, there are so many jaw-dropping cocktails that people are eager to drink. We have created an infographic listing 17 of the World’s Most Craziest Cocktails, ranging from the luxurious Gigi’s signature cocktail to the Canadian sour-toe cocktail, we’ve covered them all! View Interactive Version (via MrGamez Casino Games).