We're an online bimonthly magazine and we are all about showcasing what's worth checking out. Our goal is to offer an insight into the creative world of all things fashion and art related. In other words, you're in the massive digital filing cabinet of fashion.
Photography: Laura Cockburn x The Clothes Maiden

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The Clothes Maiden magazine is an independent online platform that showcases and celebrates emerging talent from all around the world. Our aim is to show you awe-inspiring editorials that gets our hearts beating and our pulse racing.
Photography: Maddy Lucas x The Clothes Maiden

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The Clothes Maiden was founded in 2008 with the aim of showcasing the work of up-and-coming and small town fashion designers. Each issue works with fashion journalists, along with illustrators and photographers.
Photography: Victoria Art x The Clothes Maiden

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Sophie Gamand: Flower Power, Pit Bulls of the Revolution

“Flower Power, Pit Bulls of the Revolution” is a series dedicated to the dogs grouped under the name of pit bulls, by artist and photographer Sophie Gamand, who wished to portray this misunderstood group in a different light. The general public and news media consider a “pit bull” a dog that belongs to one of […]

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LFW S/S’15: Rachel McMillan – Paint Me Digital

During London Fashion Week, rising Scottish designer Rachel McMillan showcased her S/S’15 collection ‘Paint Me Digital’ at Fashions Finest event which was held in the beautiful Grand Connaught Rooms. Rachel’s collection portrayed her fascination with the creative process within contemporary fashion industry. Following her nomination at the acclaimed Scottish Fashion Awards, Rachel is tipped for big things […]

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LFW S/S’15: Dora Abodi – baroque futurism

Dora Abodi’s signature style can be defined as baroque futurism; fusing past and future classical art and religious rituals with high technology. The concept of the S/S’15 collection comes from a fictional cult that has its own symbolism and rituals alongside an extraterrestrial technologic culture. Antiquity, instinct and opulence is mixed with rigid and robotic […]

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LFW S/S’15: Sorapol – unique and mesmerising visions

The inspiration for this season’s collection was a mêlée of ideas from Head Designer Sorapol and Creative Director Daniel Lismore. The pair have managed to seamlessly marry African strength and French romanticism together into a fusion of texture and colour. The initial idea stemmed from a visit to a boutique hotel in the heart of […]

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LFW S/S’15: Ashley Isham – she walks in beauty

Ashley Isham found inspiration for his Spring/ Summer 2015 collection in the legendary and exotic Mata Hari. Inspired artistically by Asian and Egyptian style and performance, Mata Hari brought an exotic element to dance and fashion that was revolutionary for European performance. It is this excitement that has drawn Ashley Isham’s eye back to the […]

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LFW S/S’15: Christian Coan Sanulis – Beverley Hillbillies

Beverley Hillbillies, Christian Coan Sanulis latest collection is vibrant, playful and based around the vintage TV show Beverley Hillbillies. The characters oil findings make them rich and Christian illustrates their colourful story after their move to Beverley Hills. This of course is mixed with his own tounge in cheek style, think Madonna and Shania Twain. […]

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LFW S/S’15: HEMYCA – Digital Skin

London based luxury womenswear label HEMYCA, explore the future with a collection entitled ‘Digital Skin’. Reflecting a modern day drive for the latest technology, designers Helen Clinch and Myra Nigris have been inspired by the contrast between humanity and the digital world; the light and dark of today’s global desire for all things instant. Digital […]

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LFW S/S’15: Huishan Zhang – ethereal elegance

The Rosewood London emulates glamour and luxury as you enter through the golden doors, the perfect setting for the beautifully embellished collection from Huishan Zhang. As the models graced the glistening checkerboard floor of the Rosewood, the guests sipped on champagne and nibbled on the delights of afternoon tea. However this definitely did not deflect […]

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Jay Briggs 4

LFW S/S’15: Jay Briggs – Melusina

Walking into the Jay Briggs show, we immediately felt a calming presence away from the hustle and bustle outside. The atmosphere was very still and there was something rather sinister in the way the mannequins were displayed surrounding a live model in the centre of the space.  The figures around the model were dressed in black in an array of opulent materials including lace, layered […]

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LFW S/S’15: Tata Naka – the modern silhouette

Tata Naka’s inspiration for the S/S’15 collection comes from the clean lines and deceptive simplicity of modern architecture. Following on from the interior design concept of their previous collection the designers have turned their regard to the structure that surrounds. This idea resonates with the Tata Naka aesthetic of prints, appliqué and conceptual shapes. Drawing […]

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