Designer spotlight: Lowellita

Drawing inspiration from the colours and textures of South America, up and coming fashion brand Lowellita uses custom-made, hand woven fabrics sourced from artisan communities in Guatemala to create unique, spirited items of clothing.

The founder of Lowellita, Alexandra Lowell, is of Franco-American descent and was born and raised in Mexico. Growing up in such a rich culture of craftsmanship and seeing varieties of traditional outfits from villages all over South America planted a passion for colours and an immeasurable respect for artisans in Alexandra’s heart. 

Alexandra dreamed of creating a brand that celebrated and reinvented the vibrant patterns and colours that can be seen whilst travelling the world, whilst discovering and collaborating with new artisanal talent, so Lowellita was born! 

Their designs combine hand woven fabrics in bright colours with special details such as tassels, braids and other embroideries to make truly special pieces perfect for your beach holidays, nights out and even day-to-day wear.

Bailey Moss

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Tim Ryan A/W'14: The Woman who Sings

Anyone who is into fringe or fringe trims should definitely be on the lookout for Tim Ryan’s A/W'14 collection. The pieces are also perfect for summer festivals and overall, for the sunny season despite it being for A/W'14. It is inspired by the 1978 Russian film 'Zhenshchina kotoraya poyot' (The Woman who Sings) staring Alla Pugacheva. The plot centres on a woman finding a way to her true voice.

The collection identifies the vulnerability and exhibitionism that are essential in a woman who sings. The dark modernist interiors contrasting with the flamboyance of the theatres in which she sings are key to the colour ways, mood and fabrications in the collection. This is seen by the juxtaposition and clashing of moody dark-sky mohairs against strong blocks of basic modernist colour, black, ecru, red and blue. Additionally, the soft, intimate and protective cashmere fabric is featured to contrast with flashy Lurex and bold mohair furs. The current collection includes heavily fringed chevron jackets, lace banded tops, dramatically fringed skirts and signature scarves which are all handmade in limited edition.

Self-taught knitwear designer Tim Ryan was born in 1973 in Puckane, Ireland and at the moment is based in London. Before studying sculpture at the Limerick School of Art and Design, Tim learnt to knit at home. The next 12 years was spent producing handmade knitted and crochet pieces for boutiques and private clients in Ireland, before moving to London in 2005.

Knitwear collections are always 100% handmade or hand-loomed on domestic machinery. All of Tim’s designs are ethically produced in Europe - mostly in the UK and Ireland - by a team of craftswomen fully skilled to produce the complex garments in cashmeres, silks and viscose, also creating his signature lace evening and fringed pieces.

Priscilla Aroean

To see the full collection visit Avenue32’s website here.

Nuuna: End of boring notebooks

New and iconic line of notebooks from nuuna are the notebooks to be in your bag this summer

Made with premium papers, thread-stitched and bound using extraordinary materials in a variety of powerful colours and designs; these notebooks really stand out from the rest and provide a truly special place for keeping your thoughts. 

Not only a great gift for yourself, these notebooks are also the perfect gift for stylish, hard to buy for friends and family - fill them with good (and bad!) ideas, sudden inspirations, thought fragments, moods and sketches.

The nuuna collection includes the Graphic L, Graphic S, Studio XL and Skin ranges; which are all manufactured in Germany and available in a variety of textures and designs. The luxury paper used is finest Munken Polar, a high-quality uncoated fine paper that is FSC accredited so you can jot down your thoughts with any type of pen, pencil, crayon or ink.  

Alicia Joy

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Designer spotlight: Ruth Tomlinson

Ruth Tomlinson is driven by her passion for the magic of minutiae, tiny intricacies, small oddities and the search for preciousness within the world. This jewellery designer always searches for beauty within objects; this might be found in the inherent value of a piece, the rarity of the material or in a curiosity of nature.

Inspiration comes from the idea of lifecycles and change in nature, in transience from birth to decay. Ruth is interested in archaeological finds and Pre-Raphaelite imagery, lifecycles, decay and natural changes. The designer uses a variety of materials and aims to work them into jewellery of a sensitive and delicate quality. 

The ward winning jeweller launched her first collections ‘Flora’ and ‘Sketch’ in 2001. She has since developed four jewellery collections including critically acclaimed ‘Encrustations’ and ‘Hoard’ following her MA at London’s Royal College of Art in 2005. Her newly launched collection of diamond rings and wedding bands demonstrates Ruth’s commitment to creating exceptional, unique designs and luxuriously wearable rings to be treasured for ever.

Edith Zamora

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Designer spotlight: Juanma by el Cuco

Juanma is a fashion label by a Spanish designer. His latest collection features a wholly simplistic yet stylish look with many sharp and sleek cut lines and block colours that can be seen as monochromatic with a touch of very slightly greenish blue and red tones. 

We love the mixed styles of smart and modern together to bring about that smart-casual look, which would be appealing for the majority of events that they can be worn in. It can also give a tomboyish feeling; the black trousers, in what seems to be a one-piece suit, are of short length and cut off to expose the ankles and the long length of dark, lightweight fabric to create a train effect at the back on some pieces. Although the colours seem to be dark, the collection is for spring and summer with its light, soft and breathable materials and fabrics.

The almost symmetrical and classical collection can be topped off with accessories such as gold necklaces, as styled in one or two photos and bracelet cuffs. Due to the nature of the simplistic pieces here, almost anything that has lots of detail in the accessories can be worn to balance things out, as well to make a bold statement and convey individuality, meaning that the collection is fully flexible that are made easy to be styled with other things.

The designer of this collection is fully educated in fashion design styling and industrial pattern making at a school of arts in Barcelona, Spain. Playing with mixing textures and volumes, he combines classics and modernity to create a nostalgic spirit as well as eliciting rebellious and provocative sides.

Priscilla Aroean

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AKA Clothing S/S'14: Contemporary minimalism

Despite the summer sun only just recently having reared its beautiful head, in the fashion world, we’ve been kitting out our summer wardrobes since forever. 

AKA clothing is a progressive contemporary luxury street wear brand, both for men and women. Founded and based in Manchester, one of the countries most fashion-conscious cities. AKA prides itself in its minimalistic and monochromatic approach to their clothing designs. With garments being introduced in a vibrant mix of black and white and featuring intricate hand-designed prints with vintage influences, AKA Clothing is a brand to love.

Detailing and experimentation is key for AKA. With the use of diverse design and printing techniques, and combination of interesting fabrics with modern silhouettes and fits, the end product is ensured to be a creative stand out in styles that are wearable, functional, and oh-so-stylish.

Marium Ul-Haq

View the spring/ summer collection and visit the AKA website for more info by clicking here

Amy Hall S/S’14: Festival favourites

Heading to Lovebox, Wireless or Glastonbury? Well, you cannot go wrong without wearing the latest  must-haves in fashion. Emitting a radiance of refinement and chic-ness, Amy Hall’s S/S'14 collection rejects the conventional festival must-haves of traditional fringing or feathers but rather embraces simple silhouettes, clean lines and cuts 

If you are not a fan of the chunky, overstated fashion statement but would rather adorn the classic, simplistic taste of Amy Hall’s collection then you are in for a treat as any of Hall’s collection of lightweight separates can be pieced together with a bold statement accessory of choice to give you that oomph factor to your outfit.

Stylish, sauve and simply splendid, the S/S'14 collection makes use of unique structural designs, muted colours and of course the beloved use of yarning to create such visually stunning pieces. Amy Hall is conquering the London fashion scene one knit and purl at a time as she has created classic, wearable pieces using only talent, passion, knitting needles and a ball of yawn.

After studying a knitwear summer course at Central Saint Martins and teaching knitting at Liberty London, Amy turned her love for knitting into a concept bringing us the likes of handmade yarn constructed beautiful collections. You can find her collection stocked in Dover Street’s Wolf and Badger and her label is no stranger to the likes of Susie Bubble and Palmona Faith wearing it.

Her handcrafted range is already a favourite of the famous and rich including the likes of Paloma Faith and Susie Bubble and has featured in fashion magazines ranging from fashion bible Vogue to The Times. 

Zohra Khan

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