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We recently did a feature on some great natural skin remedies, but surely there are few things better for our skin that getting a good night’s sleep!

Anybody who has suffered from a touch of sleep deprivation will know how it makes our faces look puffy and adds dark circles around our eyes.

This is because sleep gives our bodies the chance to carry out essential maintenance work to repair damaged skin cells, and this is why we need to implement the following items to ensure that our sleep regime is maximised!

1. Soothing Baths

It can be hard to fully unwind at the end of a busy day, but being stressed limits the chances of getting adequate amounts of beauty sleep.

But there’s nothing like a nice hot bath to make you feel like you are ready for bed – particularly when you team it up with some calming bath salts as the first round of your relaxing beauty regime.

2. Aromatherapy

If we sleep for less than five hours, then it gives our skin less chance to produce the collagen to stops us from getting wrinkled.

So maximise your chances of sleep with a sprinkling of natural lavender spray mist to give you some aromatic help all the way through the night.

3. Comfortable Mattress

There’s nothing like having a decent comfortable mattress for making sure that your skin gets an adequate blood flow that’s essential for a glowing complexion.

Whilst a new Silentnight mattress from Bedstar might seem a slight indulgence for your beauty regime, it’ll certainly pay off when it comes to helping you enjoy that fresh-faced complexion that comes with a good eight-hours sleep.

4. Serums and Night Creams

Staying hydrated is critical for helping our bodies repair the daily damage to our skin. This is why it’s good to apply a well-chosen selection of serums, eye creams and night creams before turning off the light.

Some of the best night creams can not only help to lock in hydration, but they can also include soothing scents like jasmine to add to the relaxing power of your new sleep regime.

5. Eye Masks

And finally, if you’re really having problems getting enough shut-eye, it can be beneficial to get one of these luxurious eye masks to block out any unwanted light during the summer months so that you can concentrate on how your new Silentnight mattress is helping your skin gain that rosy glow!

Alicia Joy