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RICH KIDS of Instagram wannabes are taking advantage of credit and rented schemes to replicate lavish lifestyles portrayed on social media, according to new research. A survey of 1,011 UK adults, carried by Allcarleasing.co.uk, found that 81% of British millennials would be happy to lease or rent a luxury item to avoid making an expensive outlay in order to get what they want.While almost three quarters (72%) confessed to wanting a luxury car, just a quarter (24%) said they would consider buying one outright. Instead 615 said they would prefer to lease one in order to make getting the car of their dreams more accessible. The data revealed that 67% of millennials confess to posting their luxury ‘purchases’ on social media. Here are five top tips on how to fake it, until you make it!

Rent Designer Clothes

Sites such as Dreamwardrobe.com and girlmeetsdress.com will let you hire designer dresses for special occasions at a fraction of the price.

Lease a Car Rather than Buying Outright

Cars drastically drop in value as soon as they leave the forecourt so money is lost straight away. Leasing the car you want will take the hassle out of purchasing a car.

Rent your Diamonds

If you only need to sparkle for special occasions, sites such as Adorn.com and Bently-skinner.co.uk will let you hire luxury jewellery.

Own the Latest Tech

Apple and PC World offer payment plans to help you afford the latest tech.

Hire Sports Equipment

It can be expensive taking up a new sport or hobby. Hire or rent equipment rather than buying them outright.

Avery Parker