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London born singer songwriter, Tom Figgins, makes a stunning return with ‘Retrograde’, the follow up track to ‘Run’ which was released in July 2017. ‘Retrograde’ delivers a more familiar brand of folk-tinged indie, that we associate with Tom Figgins. It fuses together the best of his eclectic influences, as the artist consciously returns to the textured sounds of his past.

We are treated to pensive songwriting, infused with delicate string passages, soaring vocals and ambient guitar lines, as violinist Tom Hobden (Noah and the Whale) provides luxurious harmonies throughout. Speaking on the song Tom quotes: “The track was born out of an urge to tackle the past. It’s about immersing yourself in who you were, embracing that and emerging from the flames knowing a little bit more about yourself.” To date Tom has created an impressive body of work ‘Giants Played in Wood Like These’ achieving well over 150,000 listens on Spotify, featured artist on BBC Radio 2 and loads of shows, have helped him build his fanbase and hone his craft. Enwrapped with renewed confidence ‘Retrograde’ is the second track, solely produced by the artist himself. Recorded and mixed at Renegade Studios, by Fred Abbott (Noah and the Whale) and the result is a positive, forward facing, supremely impressive return, from this talented singer-songwriter.

Patrick Miller

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