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The Junior League is the brainchild of Joe Adragna, who brings to life noteworthy Indie-Pop sounds for your ears. The Junior League oozes 60’s-oriented Pop with a modern twist; creating music that is both unique and familiar. Heavily influenced by artists such as The Beatles, The Monkees, The Who, Sloan, The Lemonheads and beyond, The Junior League creates a dose of nostalgia for the modern times.


Recently sharing the latest single “The Stars In Our Eyes,” The Junior League proves to be an Indie Rock mainstay in the music scene. On The Junior League’s latest endeavor, Also Ransfrontman Joe Adragna makes delightful indie rock.  From start to finish the record is laced with vibrant harmonies, and indie pop sweetness.

Bringing friends in for the ride such as Jay Ferguson of Sloan, he also recruits the help of Scott McCaughey of Young Fresh Fellows and Minus 5, which Adragna has also played with, on the new record. A breath of fresh air in the music world, The Junior League pens honest, down to earth songs that blend life experiences, both past and present. With doses of happiness and anger intertwined throughout, the lyricism and music are equally inspirational, as Adragna finds new and interesting ways to build his masterpieces. 

Tilly McCarthy