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Beauty Crush: STINGBye – The Hair Scrunchie That Prevents Head Lice

This simple yet effective solution helps prevent head lice amongst children and adults. The innovative hair band which is treated with an active ingredient known as Petrimina provides a barrier against lice. In recent years, head lice have become more prevalent and it is estimated that every year a third of school-age children (under 16) are

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6 Top Tips for Avoiding Stress During the Christmas Period

It’s that time of the year for people to start thinking about their Christmas preparation; whether that is buying presents and decorations, organising family reunions or planning the iconic Christmas dinner timings. The run up to the holidays can be emotionally and financially demanding, often having implications in people’s health and wellbeing. Leading comparison site Bingo

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How Sleep Affects Your Mood, and What You Can Do To Improve It

Sleep is arguably the most important thing besides nutrients and hydration for maintaining your health. So unsurprisingly when a person’s sleep is disturbed their health and mood will be affected. The first thing you should think about is what you’re sleeping on, and certain mattresses are better than others. A Koala Mattress is a great option for

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