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Astonishing, Disgusting & Extravagant Cocktails Around the World

From disgustingly foul sour-toes to dazzling diamonds, there are so many jaw-dropping cocktails that people are eager to drink. We have created an infographic listing 17 of the World’s Most Craziest Cocktails, ranging from the luxurious Gigi’s signature cocktail to the Canadian sour-toe cocktail, we’ve covered them all! View Interactive Version (via MrGamez Casino Games).

We Love: Taste Cocktails – The New Bar-Quality Cocktails Made By You

TASTE is the new concept that wants to help us make bar-quality cocktails in the comfort of our own home. They cleverly do this primarily through their exciting monthly cocktail kit subscription, to help you discover new ingredients and recipes, and find your new favourites. Taste Cocktails also sell a range of kits as one-offs,

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Object of Desire: The Cafflano Kompact Hot & Cold Cofffee Brewer

Monday morning, we’re feeling tired, regretting those extra minutes spent in bed and looking for a quick ‘pick me up’. This is where the Cafflano Kompact Hot & Cold Cofffee Brewer comes into the mix. This portable coffee maker creates an amazing cup of hot or cold coffee. The handy gadget holds 220m, looks cool in summer

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