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Fashion is a form of art, but unlike paintings and sculptures, it’s not contained. It’s fluid, it can take any shape and form, and most of all it’s all around us. Every savvy dresser, every innovative fashionista has something unique that she brings to the table. Some are minimalists who choose their battles wisely, dress sharply, with one detail that stands out and completes her work of art. Others are fonder of the concept that revolves around every piece of their attire, every garment tells a story of who they are. They aren’t afraid to experiment, be bold and fierce – noticed from a mile away.

The debate on whether one style trumps the other is a never-ending one. However, we believe that the debate is actually redundant, because both sides are right in their own ways, and each style has an amazing impact when executed in the right way, so let us see how we can help you be the best fashionista of your kind.

Be True to Yourself

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With so much inspiration we gather from fashion blogs and Instagram influencers, it’s not that difficult to put together a great outfit. However, don’t fall prey to trends, follow the instructions given to you by your personality.

When you’re wearing something that isn’t you, it shows and comes off as if the clothes are wearing you, not the other way around. When opting for a style, it is fundamental that it’s representative of who you are inside. Once it feels good, it will definitely look good. Every truly stylish person doesn’t concern themselves with labels, and neither do they obsess over trends that will have the lifespan of a fruit fly.

Embrace Colours

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This rule applies to both minimalists and statement dressers. Bold colours, such as red and electric blue are making a huge comeback.

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For minimalists, a powerful blue pencil skirt could be the one ‘statement’ shade in the sea of neutral hues. You can put on a white or beige blouse, tuck it in, and get the wow effect with the skirt. For the head-to-toe statement dresser, this skirt is the essential piece to build their combo around. A wonderful option is a stripy or even a polka dot blouse. These patterns are not a fad, they always manage to find their way back into our lives, as shown on this years’ runways.

Less is More and More is More

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Minimalism, although undeniably polished and elegant, can take on a slightly dull form. This is why it’s highly important to up your minimal game a tad, and that is where accessories come to play. While you are free to keep the wardrobe colour palette neutral, seriously consider rocking a bright yellow tote or a red clutch, to spice things up a bit. Colorful shoes, like red patent leather heels would be to die for, and they would still go perfectly in line with your ‘sworn minimalist’ neutral hues and shades. This is particularly important when you have an important event like a wedding or even a cocktail party; remember, sometimes more is more.

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As for statement dressers, they could at times stand to take it down a notch. Sure, they could easily rock sheer womens tops with a floral or animal print skirts, but in that case, it is advisable to choose shoes that are a bit more toned down. You can find amazing ankle boots or a pair of elegant nude shoes. Trust us, this will not take anything away from your unique sense of style, but to the contrary – it will add an air of elegance and sophistication to a playful and unique outfit. For you, sometimes less is more.

The Lesson on Jewellery

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For minimalists, jewellery could also be a great way of making a strong statement. Take something from the statement dressers, like a colourful, slightly chunkier necklace. Dear statement dressers, pick one or two statement pieces that complement each other and let them shine. If you add too much, your jewellery pieces will be fighting with each other for attention and will distract from the overall look you’re going for. 

This is why the minimalism vs statement style is a redundant one. They shouldn’t be mutually exclusive – instead, they should take an occasional page from each other’s respective style guides, and make the best of both worlds. 

Sophia Smith