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South Coast quartet Sad Palace unveil their latest single, Frostbeat. Affirming the given name, the track is a soulful gem, built on icy grooves and jazzy breaks before descending into the crispest killer riff you’ll hear this side of good taste. The space afforded and isolation hinted at by the sharp production echoes the thematic sentiment, as offered by the band: “Frostbeat was written in the spirit of loneliness that I think everyone experiences at some point.

When the desire for intimacy with someone shapes the way you look at people around you, you start to overthink every interaction as if an encounter with a stranger could lead to something deeply meaningful, in a way that satisfies your desire. Kind of selfish in a way…” Sad Palace look set to break beyond their small town constraints, possessing the creativity and ambition to level-up to national indie stalwarts.

Patrick Miller

Frostbeat will be available on all streaming and downloading services from 1st September, and will also be available as a limited edition cassette for Cassette Store Day 2017 (October 14th).