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Brooklyn experimental pop band Psymon Spine have shared the great new video for ‘Experience Machine’, one of the stand-out tracks on their brilliantly eclectic debut album ‘You Are Coming To My Birthday’Their constantly shifting sound is informed by the band’s varied musical backgrounds, which range from house music to punk, hip-hop, minimalism, West African music, Tropicália, gamelan, and more. 

The songs that comprise the new Psymon Spine album partner fuzzy synths with distorted bass lines, lush vocal harmonies, and fast beats coupled with flowing string arrangements. They’ve previously shared the electrifying singles ‘Lines and Lines and Lines End‘, along with the psych-heavy lead track ‘Yoana’ and its hallucinatory/NSFW video. They also released a video for their ethereal, synth-driven song ‘Eric’s Basement & Secret Tunnels’, which was painted by hand and animated using stop-motion by the director, Erin Barry. The title of the band’s debut LP, ‘You Are Coming To My Birthday’, was inspired by an ominous note handed to a friend of the band by one of her young students.

Patrick Miller

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