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Georges Méliès, the best-known illusionist in the history of cinema, the Art Deco movement, the 1920s, and Flapper women are some of the concepts that have inspired the new collection from LaliBlue. The fusion of magic of “Le Voyage dans la Lune” with the claim of the modern woman in the 20s, make up the essence of the collection.

Flapper women marked a new lifestyle during the time: wearing short skirts, lots of make-up, a special haircut (the bob cut), drinking strong liquor and JAZZ! Music which they listened and danced to in a carefree way, these and some other factors were real challenges at the time.

The collection was entirely designed in Spain with high-quality resins and acrylics. All pieces are totally modeled, painted and assembled by hand with a slow and very meticulous process. This special collection is dedicated to women who adore the vintage feminine universe of the first decades of the 20th century, and who value craftsmanship and the production of limited pieces.

Avery Parker

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