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Jack Vallier returns with his new single, ‘The Boy You Knew’, a haunting and intimate track. Fresh off the breakout success of his self-released debut single, ‘Rebekah’, Jack continues to blend emotive pop beats, articulate songwriting and introspective storytelling. ‘The Boy You Knew’ is a raw and honest confessional and a testament to Jack’s ability to write emotive relatable and undoubtedly catchy songs – following elegantly on from ‘Rebekah’ the new single is a reflection on the love he had with Rebekah.

On ‘The Boy You Knew’ Jack comments, “It’s a song about regret, admittance and remembering everything me and Rebekah had in our relationship – how great she was, how I was happier with her and how I could’ve done a lot more and been better when we were together. I wrote this almost two years after our break-up, following a moment of realisation that I’ve come a long way as a person and wanting to tell her that.”

Jack grew up on a council estate in Bournemouth and spent his early life spending hours listening to his dad’s records. This early music education gave Jack his passion and drive to become an artist himself. At a young age he immersed himself in songwriting, singing and taught himself how to play the guitar and piano. He started performing at venues in Bournemouth from the age of 15 which quickly gave him the confidence to pursue his career as a musician.

Jay Henley

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