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Hipster Nordic fashion brand The Other Danish Guy has unveiled its Ocean Discovery range of boxer shorts and trunks designed for those who wish to wear their underpants with a clear conscience.

Made from revolutionary soft fabric Smoothshell made from salvaged ocean flotsam and jetsam, including discarded fishing nets, the designers say the range is not only helping to clean-up the ocean but also sending a message to the fashion world to use more environmentally sustainable materials.

And for those sporty types who may suffer with chafing in their private regions, they proudly assert that the recycled material used is actually much softer and more comfortable against the skin than traditional fabrics and is ideal for cyclists, runners and hot yoga lovers.

Founder Tommi Lähde says: “We’re confident our underpants are the most comfortable in the world. They’ve been tested on long-haul flights, in gyms, marathons, soccer fields, horseback riding, GT races, hiking and hot yoga studios. And you have our promise they’ll never chafe your bottom, even in the hottest summer heatwave. The Smoothshell fabric has an outstandingly soft touch.”

Regarding their eco-credentials, he adds: “Our product came about because I was forced to share a hotel room with a close friend – one of the company co-founders – who was suffering with an embarrassing case of extreme of chaffing on his backside following a run and a long haul flight. We knew then that we could design a product to put an end to such nightmare scenarios. However, we care passionately about the environment and wanted to create pants that were eco-friendly too.”

Following a successful campaign on the crowdfunding platform Indiegogo, in which they raised more than double their intended target of $20,000, Tommi and his team were able to launch The Other Danish Guy Ocean Discovery collection. The brand is a huge hit in their native Finland and all over Scandinavia.

Tommi adds: “It is something women have always known. With good underwear comes self-confidence. That is why we exist. We provide a fundamental layer of confidence with the added feel-good factor that they are made from cleverly recycled materials.”

Evie Switzer

The pants cost £28 each and The Other Danish Guy ship to the UK and worldwide.