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Want a salon worthy blow dry? Try sleeping on silk pillowcases and finishing your hairdo with a blast of cold air. That’s according to the experts at online hair and beauty retailer Hairtrade.com who have revealed the secrets to a salon worthy blow dry. Washing your hair correctly including shampooing it twice is another top tip as well as avoiding excess conditioner. Certain products are also recommended to extend your blow dry’s shelf life, such as dry shampoo, heat protection oil not cream and shine hairspray. Other hacks include blow drying your hair upside down and using a silk pillowcase to avoid frizz. Half towel drying your hair and moisturising the ends are also key to keeping your locks worthy of Kate Middleton. The site’s in-house blogger Maja Tisma said: “One of my favourite feelings is walking out of a hair salon with a lovely long lasting blow dry. “But this doesn’t have to just be an occasional treat if you know how to achieve it at home too. “Getting the perfect blow dry starts way beyond switching on your hair dryer, you need to know how to wash your hair in the correct way to achieve perfection.” Here are the site’s top tips for making your blow dry last longer.


Step 1. Wash your Hair Twice

If you want a blow dry to last you need to have very clean hair. Shampoo your hair twice and try using a clarifying shampoo to cleanse your locks. 

Step 2. Watch Out for Excess Conditioning

Use a condition to detangle and hydrate your hair, but don’t over do it. Too much conditioner, especially near the scalp, will speed up oily hair. Start using it from the half of your hair down towards the tips. Also try picking reliable conditioners, which do not contain sulfates or parabens as they are better for your hair.

Step 3. Towel Dry your Hair First

Drying your hair straight from the shower will not only take forever but will put unnecessary heat damage on your hair and dull the shine. Towel or pat it so it’s about 70% dry before you blast it with the dryer. 

Step 4. Use a Heat Protection Oil

To seal in moisture and prevent damage use a heat protection oil as opposed to a cream or spray as it is lighter and won’t weight down your blow dry.

Step 5. Blow Dry Upside Down

Drying your hair with your head tipped over will apply lift to your roots, increasing volume and definition. It might look a bit big when you finish but it will slowly deflate over the next few days without losing volume and texture.

 Step 6. Use Cold Air to Finish the Do

Once you’re done with the blow dry, finish it off with a cool blast of air. The cold setting helps to seal cuticles and prevent frizz disasters later on.

Step 7. Make it Shine

For a blow dry that looks professional you’ll need a hair shine spray. Try to pick a product without silicone as an ingredient as it will make your hair look artificial and greasy.

Step 8. Avoid Sweating and Water

Moisture is the biggest enemy of your blow dry so if you want to keep it for as long as possible, stay away from water. If you want to go to gym, use an absorbent headband and when showering wear a protective shower cap at all times. 

Step 9. Sleep on Silk

Preventing the dreaded bedhead is possible when you have a silk pillowcase. The smooth surface will allow the hair to slide and not rub, keeping it in pristine shape. These pillowcases are good for the overall health of your hair too, they’ll help keep split ends at bay and prevent breakage. 

Step 10. Refreshing your Do

The secret to making a blow dry last is to do little refreshers every now and again. You just need to do this do the front part of you hair, especially if you have bangs or a fringe. Make sure to use extra heat protection on these parts.

Alicia Joy