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Ever realise you always feel better after getting your eyebrows done? Eyebrows are a way of life. If your eyebrows are on point, your life is on point. That’s because the way your eyebrow looks can change the appearance of your whole face. The shape of your eyebrow is everything. Here are some ways to keep your eyebrow game strong: Choose how you want to do your eyebrows.



No pain, no gain. If you can handle the mild pain and the slightly extra cost, getting your eyebrows shaped with waxing is a good choice. You could buy waxing kits and do them yourself at home, or get them professionally done at the beauty salon. If waxing is done repeatedly, it also slows the growth of hair as well, and usually lasts a couple weeks. But be careful, the wax can sometimes cause an allergic reaction, or even lead to breakouts around the eyebrow since the wax clogs pores.



Threading creates a more defined shape. There are also no chemicals involved, and it’s usually very fast. However, the hair must be at least 1/16 of an inch for the thread to able to take out the hair. Also, make sure the person threading your eyebrows knows exactly how you want it, because finding salon assistants who are actually good at shaping eyebrows with threading can be hard to find at times.


tweezing eyebrows - the clothes maiden

If you’re one of the lucky ones who doesn’t have crazy eyebrows that need threading or waxing, then you could always use a tweezer. Just pluck away any stray hairs in between the brows and underneath the eyebrows to create an arch. Plucking is also necessary in between waxing/threading appointments to keep your eyebrows looking fresh and clean. But don’t get too crazy with the plucking and blindly pluck away, because you may accidentally pluck hair you need and then you end up trying to hide half your eyebrows with your not-so-long-enough bangs while you wait for them to grow back.

Alicia Joy

Always make sure you tell the salon assistant exactly what you want. Usually, they do eyebrows the way they like to, but it might not be the way you want your eyebrows to look. Specify exactly what kind of shape you’re going for and if you want them to make your eyebrows thinner or not.