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Instantly Ageless by Jeunesse has been one of the few breakthrough success stories in the past year that has caught the world by storm. A miracle cream that instantly lifts your wrinkles and eye bags under 90 secs has propelled the popularity of this product because it just works and right in front of your eyes. Millions of people are discovering this fly by night sensation and have documented their success from videos and photos that you can find throughout YouTube.

How does it work?

We put this product through the test and unlike many serums and ointments on the market with bloated claims to look 5-10 years younger that never materialise. The cream comes in a small vial that can be used 2-3 times and is applied directly on troubled areas such as eye bags or forehead wrinkles. It is a lightweight formula that contains skin-conditioning complex of mineral that firms up the skin tone instantly. It is specifically used to improve areas that have lost elasticity and eliminate the signs of ageing in 90-120 secs. Below are also some sample photos that show before and after result in applying the cream.

How to use?

Before applying make sure your face is clean.  Apply a very thin dab to targeted areas on the face such as eye bags and forehead . Tap that area for about 8-10 tight times and then allow it to dry. Fan with your hands if necessary.  After about 60-90 secs the cream will take into effect. Typically lasts for 6-8 hours.

Where can I get one?

Supplies are limited and is occasionally out of stock as it is one of the top selling products by Jeunesse. For less than 1/6 of the price of botox you get the same results without invasive or quarterly visits to an practitioner. 

Danielle Mead

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