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FILA and Coswell, an Italian family company that specialises in beauty and cosmetic products has announced a licencing agreement for the design, production and distribution of FILA branded cosmetics. These unisex sporting products are to launch in Italy, Europe and the Middle East with the name: Change the Game. With FILA’s Italian heritage and iconic sportstyle influence in mind, the new line was born. The products are meant to provide protection and freshness throughout the day, especially for sporting activities.The Change the Game line includes four FILA aluminium free deodorants with super-effective formulas that guarantee long-lasting, total protection. The product offerings include: FILA Change the Game Long Term Active, FILA Change the Game Extra Fresh, FILA Change the Game Natural, and FILA Change the Game Extra Delicate. Along with these, there are shampoos, conditioners, shower gel as well as scented body water.

Danielle Mead

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