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We’ve all had those moments of self-doubt that come over us like a black cloud. You get all dressed up ready to go out, and then look in the mirror. Then you feel awful. Your clothes are beautiful, but you can’t match up to them. What can you do at a moment like this? Here are five ways to feel more confident about what you see in the mirror.

Take Make-Up Lessons

If your problems is that you are never satisfied with the way your face looks, it could be that you just need to learn how to use make-up better. You can achieve anything with make-up, from changing the shape of your nose to covering scars and uneven skin. Watch tutorials on YouTube or go to a professional salon for a one-on-one session in how to make your face work best. You could be amazed by the transformation.

Get A New Haircut

The way that your hair frames your face can change your entire look completely. Haircuts can appear to slim you down or make you wider, make you younger or older, or give you a whole new vibe. Changing your hair colour can also make a big difference. Consult with a hairdresser you trust about what they think would transform you.

Change Your Face

If the magic of hair and make-up can’t make enough of a difference, there may be something that can. If you feel your nose is too wide to be attractive, for example, you could have it slimmed down by a surgeon. It could be that you see the signs of aging coming on and want to delay them by smoothing out some wrinkles. Whatever it is that is holding you back, you can let it go. You don’t have to keep something just because you were born with it.

Take Confidence From Around You

It’s a mistake to rely on those around you for your only source of self-esteem. However, when your self-confidence is already at a low, you can gain a boost from those around you. The trick is allowing yourself to believe what you hear. When you are walking down the street and someone admires you, or a friend tells you that you look good, or so forth, take that in and believe it. Let yourself feel that you do look good. Don’t let yourself believe it’s all meaningless flattery – people don’t need to butter up those who they think are truly ugly.

Learn To Love Yourself

Finally, learn to love the person who is looking back at you in the mirror. Stop comparing yourself to other women and be yourself. Admire the parts about yourself that are great. Maybe you can’t get your make-up right, but your body looks amazing in that dress. Maybe you hate your nose, but aren’t your eyes beautiful? Maybe you have always been annoyed with the way your hair won’t lie straight, but look at how fantastic that bounce is.

When you go through each of these steps, there’s no way you can feel that your clothes are prettier than you for long. Embrace yourself and the looks you were born with, and do what you can to enhance them for yourself. No one else matters!

Danielle Mead