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Josh O’Shea, the Irish born jewellery artist has a passion for creativity and exploration which is evident in each and every piece made from the designer. It’s always a bonus when we discover not only a jewellery designer is talented but also very down to earth. Josh O’Shea wants his customers to feel special when wearing a piece made, each piece is made delicately with love and care for the wearer to treasure it for a life time. Josh O’Shea likes to share his ideas and inspirations across his Facebook page, allowing his fans to stay connected to the designer in a very personal yet professional manner. This is not only rare to see, it’s also very special, and we are proud to introduce some of his recent creations today with our readers.

boho jewellery - the clothes maidenDendretic Agate Pendant// Labradorite Spiral Ring

After completing his education in Graphic Design, and gaining valuable experience working with the renowned international artist Philip Gray, Josh O’Shea decided it was time to travel. Travel simply for travels sake was not the aim, but rather to find adventure without attachment. A mind blowing experience of awakening and development of human empathy. Josh O’Shea travelled extensively for many years, moving between Europe, The Middle East, Africa and Asia.

dainty ring - the clothes maidenDainty Gold Leaf Ring // Double Leaf Pendant, Breeze Collection

Simply wandering brought him in contact with different ways of life and of course different ways to live the life. In India, Josh O’Shea found a home and there he spent some years building up a social project for street kids and their families. His art evolved through travelling the earth and spending time with the inspiring people who inhabit it. Painter, Designer, Social Worker, Josh O’Shea considers all of his work as art.

engagement rings - the clothes maidenEngagement Ring // White Gold Infinity Rings, Wedding Collection

These days the designer lives high up in the Alps of dreamy South Austria with his partner Monika and their two children, who have extremely adorable, unique names; Samuel Shankar and Satya Lotus. Josh O’Shea specialises in creating high quality handmade jewellery, whether it’s to celebrate a special occasion or if you just feel like spoiling yourself. The designer produces only in small quantities, as limited-edition pieces, or by commission. Josh O’Shea really enjoys working personally with his clients in developing unique commissions, sketchbook in hand and pencil scribbling its way through the conversation. You can find some of his stories he’s shared over on Facebook here.

Melanie Stockman

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