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Autism and cancer are both serious conditions that effect an extremely large part of our society. Raising awareness for these conditions is important to the survival and overall health of our families. There is one person who we have only just discovered who is raising awareness to both of these conditions, and that is Betty Refour.  This inspirational lady uses her unique artwork to help advocate and raise awareness about both of these conditions. Through her artwork she is able to reach more people than she ever imagined and hopes to make a larger impact on the awareness of those suffering with autism and cancer.

Rose-RefourRose Refour

Betty’s sister, Rose, was diagnosed with autism at the tender age of just three years old and Betty can remember the struggles her mother went through bringing up a young child with autism. Back then, there was little information and support on the condition. Unfortunately, the women lost their maternal grandmother to breast cancer, their paternal grandmother to colon cancer and then their own mother to Myeloma.  Betty’s aim here is to reach as many people as she can with her artistic messages; getting people to step up and inform themselves on these conditions. She also wants to help increase research efforts and strives for a better quality of life for families and those suffering with these difficult conditions. Betty Refour has dedicated her whole life to these causes and encourages us all to visit her Facebook page and support their efforts.

Artist Spotlight: Betty Refour - Spreading the Word on Autism and Cancer - The Clothes MaidenBetty Refour Artwork: On the Surface – Original Abstract Art Painting Wall Decor Blue Yellow Grey // Contemporary Abstract Art Painting Black and White – Something Washes Over Me // Original Painting Art Wall Decor Artist With Autism

Autism is a serious developmental illness that is generally diagnosed before the age of three in early childhood. Most children with autism have difficulty communicating and performing simple daily functions. If you’re autistic or have someone on the autism spectrum in your family, everyday life can be a real challenge. But sometimes it’s the small changes which can help. Those with autism struggle to find a way to communicate with others for most of their lives. Betty’s sister Rose uses her art to communicate, and Betty has cultivated that throughout her life. Working with those with autism in efforts to reach them is something that Betty has become very passionate about. Betty is now Roses’ caregiver and together they use art to advocate for causes with a portion of the proceeds going to various charities.

Imogen McGill

With it being World Autism Awareness Week right now, there is no better time in the year to raise awareness about autism and make a difference to the lives of autistic people across the world – so sign up and join in!  For more information on how you can help support these inspiring sisters you can visit their online art store