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Fashion month is on the horizon, meaning statement-making outfits, endless make-up retouches and countless working hours that make up one of the most anticipated and busiest social events of the year. Those long hours can wreak havoc on the eyes, causing premature signs of ageing and those unwanted crow’s feet!

Recently we reviewed a new skincare product from RADARA, who is here to rescue tired eyes with a one-month, award-winning, non-invasive regimen that is targeted at rejuvenating the eye area, leaving them looking well-rested and radiant.

Using unique micro-channelling patches and a high purity hyaluronic acid serum, RADARA restores skin quality and visibly reduces fine lines, wrinkles and crow’s feet by up to 40%. It also delivers 50% more hyaluronic acid to hydrate the eye area, leaving the eyes looking revitalised and refreshed!

The ultra-thin flexible patches are applied to the outer area of the eye and painlessly create thousands of tiny micro-channels to allow the hyaluronic acid serum to reach deep into the skin. This gives the skin back its natural hydration, support and luminosity, with a vast improvement noticeable in as little as two weeks.

Alicia Joy

RADARA is a one-month pack and is intended for use once daily at home. RRP from £199 for a one-month supply (x60 patches, x1 HA serum pump).