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What if you could improve the tone and texture of your face, smooth out tiny wrinkles, generally look younger and healthier—and do it for a fraction of the cost of high priced commercial cosmetics? Too good to be true? Not anymore.

High in the cloud forest of western Panama there is a small, organic farm, Finca Luz (which means Light Farm), on the side of a mountain that looks out to a neighbouring volcano. In 2007, two enterprising women, Dianne Heidke and Elizabeth Worley discovered that Finca Luz was already home to many native medicinal plants, in addition to extremely fine arabica coffee and citrus trees. Out of this discovery, Cloud Forest Botanicals was born. Today, Worley and Heidke organically grow or wild-craft all the plants used to make their specialty line of potent herbal tinctures and super concentrated skin care products.

Cafe Mousse Face Cream 2015

One of the first things they experimented with was how to make a really great, fresh, natural face moisturiser. The climate there ranges from very wet to very dry and windy, and the sun near the equator is intense. The duo wanted something that nourished, protected and—of course—turned back the clock and make people look and feel younger! Isn’t that what everyone wants in a face cream?

Coffee extracts are all the rage in the luxury cosmetic industry and it turns out it is all about the caffeine. Caffeine constricts surface capillaries, tightens skins, imparts a healthy glow, reduces redness, and gets rid of those puffy under-eye bags. It is also the antioxidants. Coffee is a free radical warrior, scavenging up those little monsters that make you feel and look older.

Café Mousse Face Cream is a proprietary formula using a super-concentrated, emollient rich blend of organic green Arabica coffee extract, coffee oil, aloe and the power of seven different rainforest plants that nourish the skin, penetrate the surface layers to encourage new skin cell production, and have a natural alpha hydroxy action to produce a radiant glow. All in a creamy base of organic coconut oil and local, hand processed beeswax. No artificial anything. Ever. High end moisturisers with all manner of unpronounceable ingredients, in a base of mostly water, can cost up to $100 per ounce. A full two ounces of Café Mousse Face Cream costs a fraction of that and due to its super-concentration, will last up to two months. Pennies per application, for a more radiant, more youthful, healthier complexion. Suitable for both women and men.

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Dermatologist approved Café Mousse is available exclusively online, Cloud Forest Botanicals. International shipping available for all their products.