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Let your imagination wander from tale to tale as we entice you with these delightfully new stories bound to become unforgettable facets of any child’s mind. Each one of these tales is accompanied by classic illustrations to inspire creative vision in a positive light. StarField Stories aim is to uphold a warm, caring approach by connecting with the growth of children, and to take part in nurturing and preserving the aspirations of young listeners and readers everywhere. Readers young and old will revel in our top picks, filled with memorable morals and fun fundamentals.

The Girl Who Could Not Sneeze

whimsical books - the clothes maidenWhat does it mean to sneeze? Everything in the world; especially to someone who cannot, or for some odd reason, simply doesn’t know how. On a quaint island, in the quiet village of Kimp Pu, a young girl named Icha, turns her affliction of not being able to sneeze into an interestingly experimental discovery for her friends, her Aunt Jin, and even herself. Though sneezing may not be an important thing to do for many, it is for Icha. This is mainly because she doesn’t know how, and is not sure if she ever has sneezed! So, in a span of only few days, Icha expands her horizons there, on the small island of Kimp Pu by daring to do something unusual to drum up a good sneeze. With the help of her loving aunt, and closest friends, Icha comes up with a good plan. When the sneeze campaign begins, Icha, her aunt and good friends, each get to see the strangest things and share a few good laughs. But it doesn’t stop there. They each learn a few valuable lessons, share the joy of festivities, fair-heartedness, the importance of friendship, and winning in the end.

Crusty Bigglebones

whimsical books - the clothes maidenOur second pick is Crusty Bigglebones. Sometimes the neatest things can come to be from someone you might think to be… not so neat. All throughout history, history gets redefined by the misfits and oddballs who want to do more than just “fit in.” Crusty Bigglebones is that type of kid. Life may not be a bowl of cherries in the beginning for Crusty, but it turns out to be delightfully fruitful for him in the end.

Fuzzy McKenzie

whimsical books - the clothes maiden

Who doesn’t have a wild side? Meet Fuzzy McKenzie, this is a humorously delightful story about a lively little girl, and how a mishap on a rainy day, led to happiness that could chase the clouds away. A perfect story to cheer anyone up – no matter what age they are.

Penelope Plume’s Cones, Rings, Zap-machines, and other Soothsayer Gadgets

whimsical books - the clothes maiden

Follow the life, habits and gadgets of Penelope and her amazingly helpful and sometimes troubling cones, rings and zap machines. This is a cute and sensitive story to remind anyone that a friend with need is still a friend indeed. The inspiration for this story comes from an assortment of places. Rooted in the warmth of childhood memories, Lord Toph imbues readers with nostalgia, having such feeling and memories embedded in each and every word.

The Sweet Eaters

whimsical books - the clothes maiden
Excite your eyes and ignite your taste buds as you journey into the world of Silas, Sola, and Sam with this wonderful tale. The Sweet Eaters warmly shows you the soft and innocent hearts of three jovial and rather rotund children, as they find bliss and lessons within their own indulgence. From the traditional and colourful illustrations to the wonderfully written story, The Sweet Eaters reminds every reader young and old that the sweetest of treats should not always be the choice of what we eat.

Porcia Aue

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