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Back in the day, people didn’t have as many product options as we do now, they had to make do. They had none of these hair appliances or vampire facials. They just got on with it.  Rather than shelling out big money to solve your beauty woes, the antidote to your puffy eyes or limp hair might be waiting for you inside your kitchen cupboard or even in your handbag. We’ve put together a list of five surprising (and maybe a little strange) tips to conquer all beauty fixes. 


eye liner tricks

Revive old or even new eyeliner with the touch of a flame. We’re not telling you to get out your flame thrower, a simple lighter will do. This clever tip will make it softer and easier to go on, without almost blinding you. Grab a lighter and run the tip of your pencil through the flame for a second or two. Afterwards, make sure to blow on it and wait a few seconds before putting it on so it’s not dangerously hot. It should go on smoother than ever. 



Tighten up pores A good old-fashion face dunk into ice water can work wonders on a tired face. If you can handle the cold, it temporarily tightens skin and pores by constricting blood flow. All you have to do is fill your sink or a bowl with cold water and ice cubes, and submerge your face in the water, holding it in place for eight to ten seconds. 


early grey tea

De-puff eyes in 10 minutes! Late nights and hours spent staring into our computers can cause puffy, goblin eyes. So those little comforting bags of Earl Grey you have in your cupboard will not only quench your thirst, but they can help with those tired eyes, thanks to the anti-irritant properties found in tea. Drop two bags of tea in hot water for three minutes then put them in the fridge until they’re cold. Apply a tea bag to each eye and relax for ten minutes. Your eyes will feel refreshed and look less swollen.


TOL62453Tone skin naturally with some Apple cider vinegar! It has been known for a variety of uses, especially for the skin. It can work as a great toner as well as help treat acne. The acidity in the vinegar can help dry out pimples, allowing healthier skin to take its place. Make a mixture that’s one part apple cider vinegar and four parts water, then apply to skin at night after cleansing. If you feel like you can use a stronger solution, try it with three parts water and so on.


olive-oil-gettyIf you’re tired of your limp locks Olive oil is not only a healthy and delicious cooking agent, but it’s a great moisturiser and can also help sass up dull hair! Olive oil is made up of fatty acids which coat the shaft of your hair which can keep it healthy and protected from damage. Get on it tonight, and wake up with amazing hair!

Alicia Joy