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We’re often told that we shouldn’t be vain, or put too much stock in our appearance. As soon as we get old, we’re supposed to look it, and we shouldn’t rely on good looks since they are bound to disappear. These are all admonitions that everyone has heard, whether directly or in passing. But sometimes it’s fine to take pride in your appearance and give yourself a confidence boost. Here are those times.

When It’s For Yourself

When others pressure you to lose weight, to wear certain clothes, or to change yourself, it’s not a good reason to do anything drastic. You shouldn’t bend to peer pressure, especially if you already like yourself and feel comfortable in your own body. You should never do something just to impress other people, even people that you feel strongly about. But there are times when you want to look better just for yourself. That’s when it’s fine to go and do whatever you want.

When You Need It

At times of difficult, a want can easily slip into being a need. If you are unhappy with your appearance and feel depressed, you should do something about it. For example, many people with crooked teeth feel that they cannot even smile properly because they don’t want others to see them. In this case, it’s an absolute need for you to get that beautiful smile. You shouldn’t have to go through life feeling depressed because of something that you can change.

When It’s a Professional Requirement

There are certain professions where looking the part is absolutely essential. For example, you may dream of being a newsreader, but your nose was broken as a child and has formed an ugly bump. You might also have been unlucky to be born with a large or misshapen nose in the first place. In those cases, it would be perfectly natural and normal to have it straightened out. If a physical change can help you go further in your career, why not do it? You can boost your own self-confidence and earn more money at the same time.

When You Deserve It

Everyone deserves to be happy with their appearance. It’s hard to think of a time when you wouldn’t deserve to make a change if you wanted to! But when you’ve really been through the ringer, you definitely deserve a boost. For example, if you’ve been feeling like you have lost your personal identity since becoming a mother, that’s a natural reaction. Go get it back and have an expensive makeover. Why not? You’re working hard, and you deserve something for yourself.

When It’s Health-Related

There are lots of times when a so-called cosmetic procedure or expense might actually be to do with your health. Imagine a woman who has had to have a mastectomy to remove breast cancer. Would you begrudge her a reconstruction? Of course not! When health is at stake, or is the cause of something that makes you unhappy, go ahead and change it. The confidence boost you will feel, along with your improved health, will be enormous.

It’s not always selfish or conceited to take pride in your appearance. Even when it is, who cares? You deserve to feel good about yourself when you look in the mirror!

Danielle Mead