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Did you know you will spend one-third of your life in your bedroom? You will rest, relax and regenerate here. You will sleep, dream, hug and share the best moments of your life in this room. If you’re finding your room looks a little dull lately, then it is time to do some updating. To give your bedroom the status it deserves, we’ve put together five easy ways to upgrade your bedroom. Let us turn it into a shrine dedicated to the wondrous reset button we all experience on a daily basis. Follow these simple tweaks to turn your bedroom into an oasis of well-being.


No matter how big or small your room is, cushions on a chair or nicely placed on your bed really makes the space look more cosy and neat. Choose cushions that will fit in with the rest of the interior. If your bedroom walls are plain white, you can add a pop of colour to it by having a few vibrant coloured cushions. Don’t go overboard with them, 2-3 always does the job.


Instead of going for the nearest bed sheets from your local supermarket, invest in a couple of duvet sets that are good quality. Not only will you feel like a queen once you get into bed at night, you will also feel extremely comfortable and it will transform your room into a luxe boudoir.


If you like keeping things minimalist but want to add some colour to your bedroom; keep the rest of your bed sheets plain but add a couple of statement pillowcases into the mix. This will turn your bedroom into a chic space and somewhere you’ll want to spend most of your time in.


If you’re someone who has lots of bits and bobs laying around your bedroom, have a good clear out and get some cute storage boxes. This way you’ll be able to find whatever you’re looking for right away and this will automatically make your room look neat and tidy, without any fuss and clutter.


Last but not least, you want your bedroom to smell fresh and clean. These little scent bags might not look like they’re going to do much but they are bursting with amazing scents that you’re able to pick up as soon as you walk into your bedroom. You can hang these from your draws, your bed post or anywhere you like – so your room smells like a peaceful haven.

Avery Parker 

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