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Nothing says Christmas more than a classic Christmas jumper. The holidays aren’t really complete until Christmas jumpers make their appearance. These jumpers are classic novelty items and they can be great fun because they come in all sorts of designs and patterns.

Christmas designs

4 Of The Best Christmas Jumpers Out There - The Clothes Maiden

The most popular type of Christmas jumper is one that has something Christmassy on it. Whether it’s reindeer, Santa Claus, a snowman or even some presents, there are lots of classic Christmas images and scenes that find their way on to Christmas jumpers.

Matching jumpers

matching christmas jumpers - the clothes maiden

If you’re after Christmas jumpers for your family, make your job easier by buying matching jumpers for everyone. Having the whole family in matching Christmas jumpers not only brings people together, it also makes for a great photo.

Funny jumpers

funny jesus christmas jumper - the clothes maiden

You’ll find lots of humorous Christmas jumpers, some of which are more risqué than others. Wear a funny Christmas jumper to lighten up the mood. You’re sure to find plenty of jumpers that match your sense of humour, whether your sense of humour’s quite sarcastic, or whether it’s just downright offensive.

Pop Culture Jumpers

star wars christmas jumper - the clothes maidenNowadays it’s quite common to find Christmas jumpers with references to pop culture. You might find a jumper with a quote from a famous movie or TV show, or a reference to a popular game or song.

The Christmas jumpers we’ve shown you here are just some examples of the types of jumpers available to buy. One of the things we love most about Christmas shopping is out seeing what different jumpers there are and picking out funny ones for friends and family. There are loads of great Christmas jumpers out there, so why not get some for your loved ones this year?

Avery Parker

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