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There are so many trends going around this season, it’s enough to make your head spin! If you’re tired of trying to keep up and want to go for a more relaxed and cool look, then try having a rummage through your boyfriend (or brother’s) wardrobe. This can save you a lot of cash and can be a great way to look a little bit different than all of your friends. Here are four of the best items that you should take advantage of…

The Classic Hoodie:

Men’s hoodies are definitely more comfortable than women’s, there’s no question about it, so stealing your boyfriend’s hoodie (if you haven’t already) is a must. Men’s hoodies are great to throw on after a long hard day at work, where all you want to do is curl up in front of the television and eat pizza. One of the key looks to pull off the baggy hoodie, is a pair of your favourite ripped skinny jeans and some trainers. It’s completely fail safe… so why not take advantage of their wardrobe!?

The Baggy T-Shirt:

Whether you’re staying over at his, or just fancy living the baggy T-shirt life, rest assured that you will look ultra-cool. Mens T-shirts will always be in fashion, and there will definitely be lots to choose from in your boyfriend’s wardrobe. It’s like a clothing candy shop so take your fill! T-Shirts are simple enough to style with any outfit, so whether you want to pair one with some cool cut-downs or some gym leggings, there’s not really much that could go wrong.

The Cool Shirt:

Shirts are very in this season, as the Summer months draw closer, pastel colours and white shirts are definitely the most favoured. Again shirts are really versatile, so whether you want to pull a Shania Twain (men’s shirts short skirts) for a night out, or pull together the perfect smart casual look with a pair of skinny jeans, then any look will do. You can work with a whole host of different options and be creative with your style, so make sure to have fun with your look and experiment as much as you want to.

The Blazer:

Blazers are a little bit harder to pull off as part of your overall outfit, but they look great at more formal events, so be sure to take advantage of this during the Summer months. Picture this, you’re at a wedding with your boyfriend, wearing the perfect sun dress, but as the sun sets it starts to get a little bit chilly. What better way to style your outfit (and keep warm at the same time) than stealing your boyfriend’s blazer… how romantic.

Evie Switzer