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When you move into a rented apartment you don’t always have the luxury of painting, it comes as it is – four white walls desperate for some attention. We know paint can make a huge difference to a room. If you can’t paint you may feel lost at how to decorate your new home to meet your style and personal preference. If you find yourself feeling like you are living in a dark cave there are ways to lighten and brighten a room without changing the paint colour. Here are some ways you can lighten a dark room without picking up a paintbrush. It’s all down to wall hangings. These are our favourite wall art picks from Home & Abode, we think you’re going to love them.

FP187-Ocean-Storm-White-1Ocean Storm

Sometimes the most difficult thing to do is step outside your comfort zone and try something different. So how about we start with this detail? At least consider using abstract art in your home and analyse the attributes it brings with it. For example, abstract art can really brighten up a room and it can give it a fresh perspective. We love this ocean storm print that would fit nicely in any stylish room within your home.

5 Simple Wall Hangings To Brighten Any Room - The Clothes MaidenAdventure // Travel Often // Young Wild & Free

If you dream often about travelling the world but not quite ready yet, remind yourself that the world’s still your oyster with these bohemian inspired wall prints. A medley of inspirational prints across a white wall not only brightens it up, it also adds a lot of character to show your personal home interior style off.

stylish wall art - the clothes maidenIndian Horse // Geometric

Large artwork can be expensive but an effective way of lightening a room without changing the colour of the walls. If there’s an area of your room or home that is poorly lit, and is looking exceptionally dim compared to the other areas, consider going for something like this. Bright and bold. An eye-catching print is the ultimate conversation starter when you have guests over.

cool prints for creative spaces - the clothes maidenPerrier Canvas Print // Old World Map

Many of us may not realise this, but if you have been feeling fatigued, stressed or cranky, take a keen look around your room and its natural source of light. It is a scientifically proven fact that we react, act and feel better when embraced with sunshine and better ambience than a poorly lit abode. This means that dark spaces can have an adverse effect on you and your family’s mood and energy levels as well. Here are two prints that will 100% turn a dull room into a colour-popping haven.

vogue art prints - the clothes maidenVogue Cover Hwang Jini // Vogue Cover 1969

Create a fine balance between light and dark in your bedroom. Needless to say, the only important person in your room is you! Hence, it is important to incorporate your own design sense in your room that expresses your personality. If your room has darker walls, you can then use these beautiful pastel hued illustrated prints to contrast with it. Earthy tones and soothing tones of cream are a few colour options that will uplift the decor of your room.

Edith Zamora

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